Wild Mushroom, Roasted Potato, Chard and Ham Frittata

As the weather turns cooler, I crave comfort food – warm and hearty dishes. Eggs and cheese feel like home to me. Using fresh, seasonal produce like chard and wild mushrooms makes me feel somehow more in touch with nature and the season.

I try to find ways to lighten dishes up. Using mostly egg whites along with fat free dairy helps. The vegetables and roasted potatoes in this dish add nutrients, bulk and flavor with not a lot of additional calories. I like a hearty serving so adding hulk without a ton of calories is a plus.

I hope this dish brings you a feeling of satisfaction and comfort.

Wild Mushroom, Roasted Potato, Chard and Ham Frittata

Serves 6

6 eggs

12 egg whites

1/4 cup fat free Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream

3 Tablespoons fat free half and half or milk

1 sweet onion

6- 8 ounces wild mushrooms (use your favorite types)

1 bunch rainbow chard (kale, spinach or other chard varieties will work)

8 ounces ham (or pachetta, prosciutto, bacon, chicken, etc)

1 lb fingerling or other small potatoes

3 ounces shredded Parmesan cheese (use more if you like)

Olive oil

1 tsp dried sage

1 tsp dried rosemary

1 tsp dried thyme

1/2 tsp granulated garlic or 2 cloves fresh garlic pressed

1/4-1/2 tsp crushed red pepper

Salt and pepper to taste

Pre-heat the oven to 500 degrees. Wash and dry potatoes. Cut into 1/2 cubes. Toss potatoes with a little olive oil, herbs, garlic, red pepper and salt to taste. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Roast for 30 minutes or until golden and beginning to crisp. Remove from the oven. Lower the temperature to 350 degrees.

While the potatoes are roasting, wash and remove the ribs from the chard. Chop the chard. Heat 1 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan and add the chard. Season with salt, pepper and additional red pepper if desired. Cook until chard is wilted. Clean the mushrooms and chop them. Once the chard begins to wilt add the mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms begin to release liquid. Remove the chard and mushrooms to a plate lined with paper towel to drain. Wipe the pan clean. Cut the onion in half and slice thinly. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and add the onion. Hook until golden. Dice the ham into small pieces.

Stir together the yogurt and half and half until smooth. In another bowl beat the eggs and egg whites. Add the yogurt mixture and Parmesan to the eggs. Stir until combined. Season with salt and pepper if desired.

Spray a square baking dish or deep dish pie plate with cooking spray. Put the roasted potatoes in the prepared pan in an even layer. Top with the onions, mushrooms and chard. Sprinkle the ham evenly over the vegetables. Pour the egg mixture into the pan. Use a rubber spatula to gently cut through the mixture to ensure the egg seeps into the vegetables. Bake for 45 minutes or until eggs are set. For a vegetarian dish, omit the ham.

Serve with a salad made from spring mix greens, thinly sliced apples or pear, dried cranberries or grapes, a little blue cheese and champagne vinegrette.

Find your om balance – Terri