Vacation Realizations

We have been on Kauai for almost two weeks now. We leave to head home tomorrow night. As I sit here taking in the nighttime sounds and the atmosphere of the evening on this beautiful island I am thinking of the things I have learned during my break from everyday life.

1. The world continues to turn even when I don’t wear watch.
2. It is okay not to do my make-up and hair everyday – nobody seems to care.
3. Vacation, or perhaps Kauai, cures migraines.
4. Bugs love me, the feeling is not mutual. Stinky, sticky insect repellant is better than itchy, red insect bites.
5. Chub looks better tanned.
6. Shave Ice should be enjoyed at least 4 times a week.
7. Coconut Palms are the most dangerous plants on Kauai.
8. Being outdoors as much as possible is better than being indoor (as long as you have insect repellant and sunscreen).
9. It is best to be active some and to relax some when you are on vacation – find your balance.
10. I like myself better when I am not stressed out. My job is stressful so I need to take more vacations or figure out how to manage my stress a bit better on a daily basis.
11. Pancakes are good with macadamia nuts, banana and coconut, but maybe not everyday.
12. Flip flops should be acceptable foot wear everywhere.
13. If you are going to wear a bikini, choose one that is flattering to your body style.
14. It is good to take pictures, but always remember to take time to enjoy the view too.
15. We live on amazingly beautiful planet – enjoy as much of it as you can as often as you can.
16. There is no place like home.