Untethered but not Unhinged

I never realize how stressful my job is and how tethered I am to it until I am on vacation. I am on call hours a day, 7 days a week. I am ultimately responsible for 121 individuals with intellectual disabilities. As a Program Director I have to carry a cell phone and be reachable basically at all times. I am tethered to my work and I take it seriously – maybe overly seriously at times. My job is of my choosing and I generally enjoy what I do. I feel it is good and honest work, but it is also hard and stressful especially with the state of California in such financial trouble.

I am now 5 days into a three week vacation. I am finally settling in. I realized today that i am not constantly worried about where my phone is and I didn’t even put a watch on. That is HUGE for me. I also am noticing that my neck and shoulders no longer constantly hurt and I am generally feeling mentally lighter. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am in Kauai which is a very relaxed and beautiful place.

I am grateful to have this time away to reset myself mentally and physically. I am going to do my best to be fully present during my vacation and give my husband my full attention which I know he doesn’t always get from me when I am feeling stressed by my job.

While I am not totally untethered – after all I am using technology to post this and I am using my cell phone to communicate with loved ones – I feel so much freer knowing that I can leave my cell phone behind and it won’t be an issue for anyone. . While I likely won’t be leaving my bungalow without my phone, it is great to know it wont be a catastrophe if I miss a call.

If you are able, try untethering yourself for at least a few hours a week and see how it changes your attitude and maybe even your life. People did used to live entire lifetimes without cell phones and the world kept turning.