That’s Better – I Hope!

Some things have the ability to instantly improve my outlook on life. As silly as it sounds, a haircut and color does that for me. It instantly perks me up. For this I am grateful. I am always in favor of a little pick-me-up. Right now I am hoping this haircut will pull me up by my boot straps and keep me headed in the right direction.

Since a few weeks before Christmas I have been making a concerted effort to lose some weight and get more fit. I didn’t expect much those first few weeks given I was in the midst of holiday madness, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. At least maybe it would help me be more mindful of what I ate. Those first few weeks I actually lost a little weight – Yay me!

The last of my holiday celebrations took place on January 1. Since then I have been focused even more on eating right and have kicked up my exercise routine. Somehow this has caused me to gain a bit of weight! I don’t want cars if it is because I am gaining muscle or retaining water. This is very frustrating to me so I am having to work at staying positives and optimistic instead of throwing in the towel and eating whatever I want while watching re-runs of “Monk” instead of working out.

Sometimes I think my body is plotting against me. I just can’t figure out what I did to piss it off. I don’t smoke, never have done drugs and aside from the occasional glass of beer or wine, don’t drink much. I am generally a nice person, I love animals and am nice to children, the elderly and people who are differently abled so why is it that my the universe and body are not cooperating?

In my mind I realize the difficulty In dropping the weight could be due to, not having a thyroid gland or any number of reasons related to getting older. I can see that my cloghes fit better and my jiggly bits are a bit less jiggly. It still just annoys me to no end that I am having such a rough go of it and, in my weakest moments, makes me want to give up and eat ice cream.

I am hoping this haircut works it magic and I walk out with a new and improved attitude and outlook. I wonder if my hair guy, Thomas, realizes what is riding on this hair cut? I better not tell him, he might charge double.


  1. I don’t know if he’d charge you double but it would certainly cause him more anxiety than a man with scissors next to your head should have.