I am a big fan of soup. I like all kinds of soup-Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Italian and down home American (read that with the Southern accent I don't have) to name a few. It is soup season so I will likely be making lots of it. Soup is filling, nutritious and comforting. It is generally a pretty healthy option if you don't load it with cheese, cream or other naughty stuff. The naughty stuff makes it tassty but, you can make a flavorful soup without all those calories so save the naughty soups for … [Read more...]

Try This at Home – Cupcakes!

We are having a bake sale at work tomorrow to raise funds for our Resident's Benefit Fund which funds things like Special Olympics, Very Special Arts, special activities and gifts for our residents. I took this as an opportunity to try out some new cupcake recipes. The recipes I chose were inspired by some I found in the Food Network Magazine January/February 2010 edition (Volume 3, Number 1). These recipes are based on popular candy bars. I did not follow the recipes exactly since they called … [Read more...]