Belgium and The Netherlands – Accidental Pleasure

A little over two years ago my husband and I went to The Netherlands and Belgium. I always say we went there by accident which is the best way I can describe how we happened to end up there.  It was one of the most amazing trips we have ever taken. It was our first time ever to Europe. We had a bunch of frequent flyer miles and we knew the dates during which we could take a vacation. My husband did the research and the choices for destinations for the time period we had available were … [Read more...]


I attend the America Music Therapy Association Annual conference each year. When it is someplace we have never been before, Tom comes with me and we check out the area. This year we are in Atlanta, Georgia. We have never been to Georgia before so Tom and I flew in yesterday (Saturday). My conference obligations don't start until Wednesday. As has been our tradition, we searched for a sporting event to attend in the city.  The Falcons happened to be playing the Saints at the Georgia Dome today … [Read more...]

I Love To Travel

One of the many things I enjoy is traveling.  Last October Tom and I went to Europe for the first time.  We had some frequent flyer miles to use and one of the places we could get to was Amsterdam.  It wasn't a place we had every considered going, but we had never been there so we decided to go for it. I planned up the trip.  We spent two weeks in The Netherlands and Belgium.  We stayed in Delft, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. We had a great time.  We stayed in Bed and Breakfasts during the … [Read more...]

Our Last Days in Costa Rica

  Our vacation in Costa Rica is winding down. We saved two of our biggest adventures for the last. Yesterday we went horseback riding - everyone but Mom. She opted out as she was having some trouble with her back and she did not want to be sore and miss out on the zip line tomorrow. The proprietors of Chalet Nicholas set up the horseback riding tour for us. We were given directions to drive about 10 minutes down the road to a stable which we did. When we arrived, it was a true working … [Read more...]