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I like to make the best possible use of time  because, I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do. Naturally finding as much time to do things I enjoy is a challenge I happily accept. I recently lost my carpool buddy when she moved out of the area. I now spend at least five hours a week alone in my car. That is WAY more time than I should be left alone with my thoughts. You cannot imagine the trouble I can dream up in an hour if left to my own devices. I love music (music … [Read more...]

I know when the witching hour is, now when is the blogging hour again?

I have a full life. By full, I mean busy.  I work full-time and my job is almost always stressful these days. I am in a position that carries a great deal of responsibility. I often have to make decisions that not the easy thing or the popular thing.  I could find another job in my field that was more fun,  but I feel that what I am doing now is important and makes a difference so I will keep doing it. A typical week day for me involves getting up before the sun comes up, working until the … [Read more...]