Music To Motivate

My favorite way to get and stay fit is walking. No special equipment is needed except a good pair of shoes, and for me, my iPhone. When I walk for fitness, I commonly walk for more than an hour at a time. While I enjoy walking with friends (including the man and the dog), I sometimes have to walk alone. My alone walks are often my high mileage walks. I don't find many people willing to walk 10 or 15 miles with me. When I walk long distances alone, I need something to motivate and distract me. … [Read more...]

The Power of The Song

I have been a board certified music therapist for nearly 20 years so one might think that I wouldn't be surprised by the power of music, but sometimes I am. I am currently in an administrative position so I don't often get the opportunity to use music or music therapy in my day to day work.  I think this contributes to my not remembering how powerful music can be. Recently I had the honor of working with a music therapist in providing music for a client who was at the end of her life. We set a … [Read more...]