Mid Week Gratitude – An Amazing Life

A couple of weeks ago the Medical Director at the facility I work at announced that our longest-serving consultant would be retiring soon.  Dr. Jerome Tobis had been her mentor and was very dear to her - like a father she said. He was 96 and had been consulting at the facility for many, many years and he was ready to retire. This past Thursday Dr. Tobis came to work, with his hospice nurse in tow.  He signed in like he always had.  He did his work like he always had.  He … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Gratitude Break

Today, again, I am reminded of how grateful I am to have my health. That my body, while not perfect, is strong and serves me well. That all of my limbs and organs are in good working order. That my eyes and ears work sufficiently for me to do what I want and need to do everyday. That nothing nasty is attacking me from the inside out. Yesterday I had three different medical appointments, all routine check-ups, and all is remarkably unremarkable in terms of my health. This is a good thing. I … [Read more...]