New Year, New Goals

The dawning of a new year always fills me with a sense of promise. It feels like a fresh start, even though the reality is, it isn't. Just the illusion of a fresh start is enough of a motivator to rededicate myself to things I find important. It is a looking forward with a sense of wonder, hope and excitement. The start of 2013 was no different. Over the years I have figured out that, for me, New Year's resolutions serve no purpose. I am good at thinking them up, am very enthusiastic at … [Read more...]

Desperately Seeking Focus (and Balance)

I have not recently posted an update on my progress toward my goals for this year.  Mostly because I have been lacking focus and sort of ignoring some of them.  When I am experiencing stress, I tend to ignore things - even those things that I know will make me feel better over the longer term.  The last month or so has seemed a bit more stressful than usual. I am going to attempt to re-set my focus and see how it goes.  I find that sometimes it is best for me to choose one thing at a time to … [Read more...]

Checking In On My Aspirations 2012

I am not exactly sure how it happened, but the first month of 2012 has come and gone.  This means it is accountability time.  Time to check in on how I am doing with the my 2012 aspirations.  I set them at the beginning of the year and committed to sharing my progress periodically.  I added one since the original post.  It is number 15 on this list. 1. Lose at least 20 pounds. I have lost a little over 5 pounds since the middle of December.  Only 1 of those pounds in January, but it is still a … [Read more...]

2012 Aspirations – Happy New Year!

The start of a new year always fills me with hope and a renewed sense of passion about the people and things that I love. As you might gather, finding balance is one of my passions. This year my "resolutions" or as I prefer to think of them, my aspirations, are all related to finding that balance. I have a friend that had the idea that putting your aspirations (or whatever you choose to call them) out there for anyone to see will help make you accountable and thus help you reach what you … [Read more...]