Wardrobe Treasure Hunting at the Goodwill

I love clothes, I love a bargain and I love companies that employ people who are differently abled. It would follow that I would be a big fan of Goodwill Industries. While I have faithfully donated to the Goodwill over the years, I only went there to shop when I was in need of a Halloween Costume or a gag gift. Recently my friend Jessica asked me if I wanted to attend a shopping event with her called "Goodwill Hunting" hosted by Nicole Longstreath.  I said "sure, why not!" and so began my … [Read more...]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and By Wonderful I Mean Crazy

The holiday season is in full swing and at times I feel like I am spinning out of control. How to get it all done and still enjoy the doing of it? Over the years I have instituted and imposed several "traditions" upon myself and sometimes upon others. I love them all but between the baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, crafting, cooking, traveling and merry-making, I sometimes find myself so busy and tired that I am unable to enjoy what the holidays should really be about-quality time with … [Read more...]


I attend the America Music Therapy Association Annual conference each year. When it is someplace we have never been before, Tom comes with me and we check out the area. This year we are in Atlanta, Georgia. We have never been to Georgia before so Tom and I flew in yesterday (Saturday). My conference obligations don't start until Wednesday. As has been our tradition, we searched for a sporting event to attend in the city.  The Falcons happened to be playing the Saints at the Georgia Dome today … [Read more...]