Super Bowl Sunday – Found Time

Super Bowl Alternative


I am not a huge fan of professional football. I have seen a couple of games in person, which I find far superior to watching the game on television. That being said, football is almost always on in my house during the season. My husband claims not to like professional football, preferring college ball; however, football is always on during the season – regardless of if it is college or professional ball. It becomes background noise from fall through the Super Bowl. It is always present and I have come to accept this.

The funny thing is, my husband is not that interested in the Super Bowl. When we are invited to join people in watching the game, we enjoy the camaraderie of it all, but rarely care very much who wins. I personally find the commercials, the half time show and about the last 7 minutes the most interesting part of the “big” game.

My general lack of interest in “the big game” works out perfectly for me. I can record the game if I really want to see the bits I like and then while everyone else is preparing to watch or is watching the big game, I have found time! Time when I can do things like go out to eat, leisurely shop at Costco, go for a walk in the harbor (see photo above), .. all without much competition because everybody else is busy with Super Bowl “stuff”.

Today, instead of Super Bowl Sunday madness I did the above mentioned things, spent some quality time with my computer and did my food prep for the week. The day was both productive and relaxing.

One exception to Super Bowl bliss is Disneyland. We went to Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday once thinking that it would not be busy because everyone would be watching the game – not true. It was very busy. Now we know so we wont do THAT again.

While I am not really that interested in the Super Bowl, I enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday quite a bit. I hope you did too.

Now – when does baseball season start? That is the real question…..