Sunday – That’s My Fun Day

My youngest niece, Noelle, is quite the personality. She is full of energy and “on” all the time. She has an amazing imagination and is quite musical. She sings constantly and her pitch is good as is her melodic interpretation of songs that she hears. She is the center of attention, by demand, most of the time. She is exuberant, take charge (sometimes bossy) and can get people to do almost anything for her. She is a tomboy and a girly girl all at the same time.

Noelle loves being in charge. Her Uncle Tom is one of her favorite people to take charge of. When I walk through the door the first question she asks me is “Where is Uncle Tom”. She has, on several occasions, dressed him up in things including my Mom’s old night gowns so she can direct him in plays she makes up to perform for the rest of the family – AND HE DOES IT. He has also been her baby and her pupil in endless games of “baby” and “school” over the years. I think he has gone along with her flights of fancy more than any of the rest of us.

Noelle turns 9 on July 19. She will be having a sleep over party with 3 of her friends on her birthday. They will be doing “make-overs”. She has been planning for weeks. While we were in Costa Rica she purchased several little trinkets for each of her friends to give them as “favors” at her party. She spent her own money on these things for them. She is a thoughtful and generous kid.

Since she is otherwise occupied on her actual birthday, we went to dinner at Ruby’s on the Seal Beach Pier to celebrate today. She was in her element – she was the center of attention and because it was her birthday dinner, nobody (including her 11 year or sister) challenged her for this position.

It will be interesting to see where life leads her. Wherever life takes her I hope that she remains self-assured, creative, thoughful and comfortable being herself. She is full of life and youthful exuberance – I hope that she stays that way for as long as possible.

Happy Birthday Noelle Marie!