Spontaneous Birthday Wine Festival!

April 21 is my husbands birthday. This year was a significant birthday and I thought we should do something to celebrate.  We went to dinner to cash in on his free entrée from El Cholo earlier in the week, but that seemed like cheating since it took absolutely no effort on my part – he even printed the coupon.  Of course, I failed to plan anything else (bad wife).  Tom is very low-key so he didn’t expect anything, but I still thought we should do SOMETHING.

I posted my pondering about what to do on Facebook and a friend suggested “the wine festival”.  I had no idea where this elusive wine festival was, but was determined to find it and get tickets if it was within 100 miles of where we live.  I Googled it and found it was in Dana Point – which is literally within walking distance of our house.  Pretty convenient!  I went on-line immediately and secured us tickets for the event that started at 1:00 PM.

The weather was a bit cool-some sun would have been nice-but after the first 3 or 4 generous samples of wine, it didn’t really matter.  The event had over 40 wineries represented along with a few breweries, tasty food samplings and live music.  Wineries were broken down by region with wineries from the various California regions, Oregon and Washington.  A few international wineries were represented at the event as well.

It was obviously impossible to sample all 40 wineries so we tried to be selective.  By selective, I mean we chose wineries based on very important things like interesting labels and names. These very precise and sophisticated methods led us to some very tasty wine.

We also tasted wines from a few wineries that we were familiar with, but had not yet visited to do a tasting.   This led us to the best wine of the day by far which was the 2010 Summit Creek Zinfandel that Opolo Winery was sampling.    All of the wines they had to sample were excellent, but both Tom and I though the Zinfandel was the best wine of the day.  I was originally attracted to Opolo because Remo Belli Vineyards provides  grapes for Opolo’s Zinfandel.  Remo Belli is a huge supported of Music Therapy and makes amazing drums so it would follow that he would produce great grapes – right?  I digress…

We had a really good time and kept it local.  Sometimes I guess not planning and being spontaneous is a good thing. Happy Birthday Tom – You are the great love of my life (so far at least – don’t let it go to your head!).