Mid-Week Gratitude Break

It is that time of the week again. Time to let the universe know what I am grateful for right now.

This week I am grateful for my great team at work. They threw an amazing Luau for the residents tonight. The turnout was great with many families joining us for the festivities. All of the residents, families, staff and volunteer (just one – my Mom!) seemed to have a great time. Everyone worked together to make it happen. We were truly a community tonight with everyone showing up to support the residents – Level of Care Staff, Rehabilitation Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Supervisors, Kitchen Staff – we were one cohesive team working toward the common goal of providing the residents and their families with an amazing experience.

I am so grateful that at this very difficult time at our facility where we are faced with continuous budget and staffing cuts, the staff are albe to stay positive and put in the extra work to make things as wonderful as possible for the residents. People could choose to be bitter and resentful, but instead they have chosen to stay positive and do great things. Everyone benefits.

I believe that when you are faced with something that is difficult or unpleasant you have two choices – change your attitude or change your situation.   I think that the staff are making the decision to change their attitude and in turn are impacting their situation.

It is nice when you are able to feel good about both your work life and your home life. I am lucky to be in that place of balance this week.

Now it is your turn. This is the last week to submit your comments in order to be included in the current prize drawing. Leaving a comment sharing what you are grateful for gets you an entry. Following me on Twitter and leaving a comment letting me know you did gets you another entry. Subscribing to my RSS feed and leaving a comment gets you a third entry.

Stay positive and show your gratitude.  It will make you feel better about life.


  1. Guy de la cruz says:

    I’m incredibly grateful to have gotten my father to Houston quickly to address a drug trial which may be his last best hope. But more so I’m grateful that through all the difficulty we’ve been able to laugh, tease and reminisce.