Meatless Monday

If you have read this blog at all, you probably already know that I am trying to ‘get healthy” (okay – what I am trying to do is lose 25 pounds). One thing that I would like to do is to incorporate more meatless (at least no beef, chicken or pork – at best vegetarian) meals into our diet (Tom “gets” to come along on this ride). I decided to start by trying to make Monday meatless. Last week I was only partially successful. Today I was totally successful. Yay me!

I put a picture of my salad on this post because the main dish was way ugly and not fit for viewing – but it didn’t taste bad. It was seasoned garbanzo beans (seasoned with garlic and ginger – they were from a package I had in my cupboard); grilled zucchini, grilled carrot and grilled onion. I tossed all of this with a greek yogurt, ginger, cumin and cayenne mixture. It tasted pretty good, but was a bit on the gray side so no picture. The salad was much better looking – I tossed it with a lowish fat asian dressing. The rest of the day consisted of fruit, low fat cheese, fiber plus bar, soy milk and more fruit.

In addition to eating well, I have been trying to fit more activity into my day. I have proof that I am committed (today at least). I went of a walk at lunch and wore my skirt (it was gray); a blood drive t-shirt (design printed in brown); my running shoes and a hot pink and white visor. Oh – did I mention the periwinkle blue hydration pack? I actually walked around work like that – twice – where people could see me.

That is dedication or maybe my give a damn is busted when it comes to what people think. I am going to go with dedication for now.

I looked absolutely ridiculous, but I didn’t have time to change out of my skirt (I did change out of my shirt into the blood drive shirt. I don’t want you to think I have totally lost my mind and wore that to work. My give a damn would never be that busted); go for a walk; change back into my skirt; eat a quick piece of fruit and cheese; and make it to my after lunch meeting. I chose to skip changing out of my skirt part and opted for the look ridiculous in front of the entire facility choice so I would have time to eat my apple and cheese. I haven’t taken leave of my faculties completely. I need nourishment! Nourishment trumps humiliation-hence my need to lose 25 pounds. Good grief this is a viscous cycle.

I did feel quite righteous and proud of myself for walking. I also felt hot, sweaty,sticky and slightly out of breath. I wiped down with some baby wipes I keep in my office (that is a story for another day since I don’t and never have had babies); changed back into my blouse and shoes; and went to my meeting with my hair still wet in the back (and wavy all over – sure glad I spent 30 minutes drying it straight this morning). On the up side – I am pretty sure I did not stink – thanks to the baby wipes and deodorant I keep in my desk

If I am going to keep this “getting healthy” thing up I am going to have to bring a hair dryer to work and am going to need to brush up on my vegetarian cooking chops. I am not sure how much ugly food I can eat no matter how good it tastes and I don’t intend to go to meetings with hair wet with sweat.