Meatless Monday and a Little Whine

As you may be able to tell, Meatless Monday was not extra creative today – but it was meatless. Tonight’s dinner consisted of spinach and cheese ravioli that I purchased at Costco topped with Mario Batali pasta sauce, also purchased at Costco. I made a salad and steamed some broccoli and called it a night. I did manage to grate some nice parmesan cheese onto the pasta and broccoli. It was actually quite tasty, just not terribly inspired.

Now for the whine – one of the reasons dinner tonight was such a cheater was that I spent a good portion of yesterday searching unsuccessfully for my wallet. It would seem that I lost my wallet, or it was stolen, at a concert I attended Saturday night.  The concert was fun, the wallet thing – not so much fun.

This was the first time that I ever lost my wallet and I can tell you that it is not something I intend to do again for another 40 years or so. The best part is that I am not entirely sure what was in my wallet other than some cash (between $75 and $100), a credit card – or maybe 2 and my drivers license.

I am a serial purse/wallet changer.  I switch purses/wallets often. I am also lazy when I switch, I often don’t switch all of the stuff in the purse or wallet to the next purse or wallet.  I grab whatever I think it is that I need for the particular day or occasion and leave the rest where it is. This is not a good idea, probably at all, but especially if you lose your purse/wallet.

Since I have no idea what was actually in the wallet I lost, I had to go through all of the purses and wallets that I recently used to try to figure out what I was missing.  I am not convinced that everything I determined was missing is actually in the wallet that was lost/stolen, but since I don’t really know otherwise, I had to cancel several credit cards and my ATM/Debit card. One of the cards in question is a card that my husband and I both have and it is his primary card. Good thing he is generally a patient man – he is now without his primary card until they send out another one.

The biggest issue and cause for a bit of anxiety is the loss of my drivers license.  This will mean an early morning trip to the DMV tomorrow to try to get the situation rectified.  Perhaps the saddest thing about this whole story is the little Coach wallet that was lost with all of the stuff – I loved that wallet.

The moral of the story is, if you are going to be a serial purse/wallet changer, at least be sure to keep track of all of the important “stuff” that lives in your purse and know where it is at all times. If you need to, change all of the important stuff out of the purse/wallet during each change in order to keep track of it all – do it.  Be aware of what you are carrying with you so if you do happen to lose your purse/wallet you will be confident in knowing what it is you need to replace.

Hopefully I will learn something from this delightful experience!


  1. Mary Alvarado says:

    Whenever I “down size” I typically leave the big purse in the car with all the important stuff in there and take the little wallet in the venue with me. Of course I only have 3 credit cards and an ATM, my medical insurance card and that’s about it besides my CDL.

    I had a meatless monday today too….. cottage cheese, fried eggplant and brown rice…

    • I do that too-leaving the larger purse in the car except sometimes it is a couple in the car, a couple in the closet…I just need to overcome my purse issues.

  2. Antonietta from walletsforwomenreview says:

    Hey Terri,
    Thanks for that Does anyone have any ideas for a meatless Christmas meal? Not a sit down meal, just lots of little things and nothing with fake meat, please. Thanks so much!