Living Happier


I decided this year was going to be a good year. A healthier year and a happier year than last year. I was excited when I opened Facebook one day and saw an advertisement for an app called “Happier”.  I decided to give it a try.

The idea behind “Happier” is to encourage people to keep track of the happy moments in their day which will encourage and provide an uplifting boost whenever needed. The idea is based in research that, in a nut shell, indicates that happiness is contagious and being happy has a positive impact on your health.

 Happier, Inc. is based in Boston. The company is “on  a mission to inspire millions of people to be happier in their everyday lives.”  The site encourages its members to post happy moments or things they are grateful for on a daily basis shooting for at least three posts a day. You can put your moments into collections (like categories), can become friends with people (follow people), comment on other’s moments, put a smile on someone’s moment and “me too” a moment.

The app is the first product created by the co-founder Nataly Kogan.  The app is described as a “fun social gratitude journal combined with a positive community.”

I was  excited when I saw that I could participate in a 21 day course offered through the app called “Everyday Grateful”.  The course is designed to assist participants in building a daily gratitude habit which will help them feel more positive, optimistic, and less stressed about life. Each day participants get a simple task to complete. Once the task is completed, participants post about it (can be private or public) they the receive motivational tips and/or videos. Participants can also email Nataly and her team if they need extra inspiration or get stuck – kind of like a coach on stand by. The course is only $24.99 and once you purchase it you can access it as often as you like. I think I will probably go through it every few months just to keep gratitude fresh in my mind. 

I  enjoyed going through the course and have been enjoying using the app. The little reminder to look for the happy moments and little things to be grateful for each day  has helped my mood and attitude. Seeing the happy moments of other people is inspiring too. I emailed the “team” a couple of times with questions and got prompt and helpful responses.

I love this app – did I mention it is free?  It is available for iOS and Android. A second training called “Meditation Vaction” is now available on the app for $20.  It is 8 days long and consists of a daily reminder to let the participant know that a guided meditation is ready to access.  Each guided meditation is under 15 minutes.  I am sure I can find 15 minutes each day to meditate – right?  I’m in!

I recently heard on a podcast that the US Army is using the app as part of their resiliency training for enlisted people. How cool is that?

Find Your Om Balance – Terri