I am just back from attending Blogher12 in New York City.  The city was amazing and the conference was fabulous.  One of the sessions that I attended and enjoyed a great deal had to do with iPhonography. iPhonography is the art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone.  I am an amateur photographer and I always have my iPhone with me so iPhonography is something that is very relevant for me.

The quality of the camera on recent models of the iPhone is amazingly good – so good that it rivals stand alone cameras.  The beauty of using the camera on the iPhone is that you can take candid shots of people and places without intimidating your subjects with a huge “professional looking” camera resulting in a  more organic product.  If you use an iPhone, you likely always have it with you so you won’t miss opportunities to take photos that document your life.

Another fun thing about using the iPhone as your primary everyday camera is that for a few dollars or even for free, you can get some very cool apps that allow you to easily apply filters and share your funky photos.  I have several apps on my iPhone that I use frequently,  but learned about several more at the session I attended. I promptly downloaded a few more.

One app that I have been playing with today is called Cameramatic. It creates really cool square photos.  This app is a bargain costing only $1.99 and a couple more dollars for some additional filters if you want them.  It is promoted as “a simple toy-camera application for iPhone/iPod touch.  You can take strange and beautiful photos easily by using filters included in this app.”  You can find it in the App Store right on your iPhone.

Here are some photos of Ann Marie.  Here I use the same original photo and filter but apply different frames:

Here is a picture of the Naked Ladies in my backyard.  Here I use the same original photo with different filters to change the look and feel of the photo.

I also took some pictures of the buildings surrounding Bryant Park and played with filters and light bleed.  Here is what I came up with:

I found this camera app very easy to use. You can use the camera within the app or import photos you have in your library into the app and edit them. You can create some funky, artsy photos in a short period of time and I think they come out looking pretty nice. It is super fun to play with and your original photos don’t have to be perfect in order to get a nice end product.

Please remember that you should get the permission of your subject if you plan to use the photo publicly, but you can do this after you take the photo so as not to ruin the “mood” of the photo. Many similar apps are available all with their own bend. Play around, you may be surprised at what you come up with.

The opinions contained in this post are purely my own. I was not compensated in any way by the publisher/creator of this app.

Find your own balance – Terri