Honesty Please


I like to think that I am a pretty flexible person when it comes to most things, but a few things I will not compromise on.  One of these things is honesty.  I am an honest person and I expect the same from others.  I think that sometimes people have issues with me because I am so honest and perhaps not always as delicate as I should be in presenting the truth.  I can be very direct and even blunt at times.  I try to be as delicate as I can.  I am not above fluffing the truth up a bit so it isn’t quite so harsh and I sometimes omit information to spare someone’s ego or feelings but I am not going to lie outright if I can help it.  The whole prospect causes me quite a bit of stress and anxiety because I don’t like making people unhappy or uncomfortable, and let’s face it – the truth can do that.

This whole truth thing has been on my mind a lot  in the past several months.  It has influenced my decision to resign from a committee that I have enjoyed serving on for more than 10 years.  Truth has also made my work life more challenging as well.

I think that a good leader has a responsibility to be honest and genuine.  This has been strikingly apparent in my work this past year.  It has been difficult because I have had to be brutally honest with myself, with those I lead and with those I serve under.  It has not been easy and not always well recieved, at least at first.  They say that the truth will set you free, but they forget to tell you that it might bat you around a bit first!  For me, the benefit still outweighs the risk.

You can be secure in knowing that I am going to give it to you straight – the good, bad and ugly alike.  I will celebrate with you in good times, listen to you bemoan your circumstance in bad times and  do my best to lift you up when you hit rock bottom.  I will give you everything I have  and then some, but if you are at all afraid of the truth I may not be “your person”.  This  perhaps has cost me some “friends” in the past, but it has also made me realize who my true friends.

As time passes my interests and tastes change, but my dedication to the truth remains unwavering.  In order for me to be genuine and present, I must be truthful.  This has sometimes been used as a weapon against me, but so far, truth has served me well so I am sticking with it.

While I don’t always like to hear the truth about myself, I far prefer it to finding out someone has been blowing wind up my skirt.  Slap it on me – I can take it.

Find  Your Om Balance – Terri