Get Old – Yes Please!

Someone recently said to me “whatever you do, don’t get old”. I am not going to take that advice!  I have every intention of getting old, hopefully very old. What I am going to strive to do is find a way to live a happy and healthy life while I age gracefully.

To keep my mind healthy and my spirit happy I plan to continue to read every day; play games that require mental dexterity; interact with people who challenge me mentally; make music; travel; volunteer; practice yoga; walk; be productive every day and learn new things on a regular basis. I plan to do all of  these things for as long as I possibly can.

To keep my body healthy I plan to continue to work on eating a healthy, balanced diet and to make time to be as active a possible. The eating part wil likely be the bigger of these two challenges.  I enjoy things like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains but I am also a big fan of other things that are not considered as healthy, but give me a great deal of pleasure. I l-o-v-e tortilla chips and salsa and I have not found anything that will take the place of real, full fat, fried tortilla chips! I also like ice cream – a lot. Most of the time, fat free frozen yogurt will fulfill my “need” for ice cream, but occasionally I need the real thing. Same goes for a good hamburger and fries-sometimes a turkey burger and baked french fries will do the trick, but sometime not so much. I will continue to eat all of these things in their original decadent form, I will try to limit myself to occasionally, but I make no promises. Everything in moderation.

To stay happy I plan to try to find a balance in life which will allow me to stay mentally and physically fit while living and enjoying all of the wonderful things  life has to offer.

I  got the opportunity to hear Katie Couric speak at BlogHer 12 this past summer. Something she said struck me as a good approach to finding a realistic balance in life. She said something like “I start each day on Weight Watchers and go from there”. What I took from this is to start each day striving to do what you know is healthy and works for you. If things don’t go exactly like you planned, cut yourself some slack, adjust and move on. Start again the next day or the next meal or the next workout session. Life happens. Strive for perfection, but allow yourself the flexibility to take advantage of all life has to offer, in moderation of course.

What are you doing to make sure you grow old with grace, health and mental clarity?


  1. Great post, Terri!