Corobisi River and Las Pumas

We had a great time today on our float trip down the Corobisi River. The weather wasn’t super hot so Noelle only complained through a portion of the trip rather than the entire trip. Peter continued his discussion on whether or not Costa Rican’s are familiar with Tarzan (long story) so I am pretty sure at least half of Costa Rica thinks he is crazy at this point.

On the trip we floated through some tiny rapids which was very fun. We saw broad billed herons, tiger herons, monkeys, king fisher, crocodiles, basilisk lizards, butterflies, dragon flies, iguanas and countless other plants and such along the river. It was a very pleasant trip. In my boat were Noelle, Tracy, Dad and I. The other boat held Peter, Tom, Elise and Mom. Elise liked the trip the best of anything we have done so far and I would have to agree that this was one of the highlights. Tom and i had done the two hour version of this trip (today we did 3 hours) in 2007 when we were here and liked it very much then as well.

After our float trip we headed down the little road to Las Pumas which is an animal rescue. Virtually all of the animals at the facility have been rescued from deplorable circumstances or donated to the facility. It is not the San Diego Wild Animal park by any stretch of the imagination, but the animals appear well cared for and if they were not living at Las Pumas many of them would surely be dead.

Tomorrow we are going to the hot springs and maybe will take a hike behind Chalet Nicholas. It should be a low key day. Maybe Peter can find some Costa Rican’s he has not yet talked to about whether or not they know Tarzan. Still must be a few in the country who don’t think he is out of his mind – maybe.