Happy Adoption Day Ann Marie!

A year ago today Tom and I adopted our dog Ann Marie. The year has gone by fast, yet it seems like we have had her forever. We adopted her from the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter . She is not the dog we thought we were looking for at all, but it is apparent that she is exactly the dog we were meant to have. She is a pure bred mutt. Her DNA results say that one of her parents was half Shar Pei and one parent was half Chow Chow. The rest is a mix of other breeds, none of them … [Read more...]

Cautionary Tale For Dog Owners

  It is strange how sometimes things that shouldn't happen do and they have a more far-reaching impact than it would initially seem.    The size of the impact is  not always proportionate to the size of the event.  Today a small dog made a big impact on many people.  Hopefully something good will come out of this event and will prevent a similar one from happening in the future. This afternoon my sister, my two nieces (ages 9 and 12) and my mother took their dogs to a dog park in Seal … [Read more...]