The Power of The Song

I have been a board certified music therapist for nearly 20 years so one might think that I wouldn't be surprised by the power of music, but sometimes I am. I am currently in an administrative position so I don't often get the opportunity to use music or music therapy in my day to day work.  I think this contributes to my not remembering how powerful music can be. Recently I had the honor of working with a music therapist in providing music for a client who was at the end of her life. We set a … [Read more...]

Spontaneous Birthday Wine Festival!

April 21 is my husbands birthday. This year was a significant birthday and I thought we should do something to celebrate.  We went to dinner to cash in on his free entrée from El Cholo earlier in the week, but that seemed like cheating since it took absolutely no effort on my part - he even printed the coupon.  Of course, I failed to plan anything else (bad wife).  Tom is very low-key so he didn't expect anything, but I still thought we should do SOMETHING. I posted my pondering about what to … [Read more...]

AMTA 2011 – National Conference!

Today is the official start of the national conference of the American Music Therapy Association in Atlanta, Georgia.  For the past two or three days music therapists from around the country and even the world have been gathering in Atlanta to attend meetings and continuing education courses. Tonight is the opening session of the conference.  The event will be preceded by a jazz performance by Dr. Arvin Scott who is on the faculty of the University of Georgia.  During the opening session … [Read more...]