Puppy Love

I have always loved animals and growing up we always had dogs. The last dog that I had, I got when I was in college. Nica lived with my parents until she died at the age of 12 or 13, about 13 years ago.  Tom and I have taken in a couple of stray cats,  a stray tortoise and  five birds over the last 19 years.  We currently have the tortoise (T-Bone) and 3 Parrots (Valentino, Molly and Cass).  The cats and other two birds have since passed away, each time leaving a tiny hole in our hearts.  I have … [Read more...]

Sunday Dinner on Monday and a Dog

Another weekend sped by. This one had the added twist of Tom and I going to the animal shelter to look for a dog. We went looking for a standard poodle there and found a puggle that we thought might be the one for us only to fall in love with a border terrier mix named Ann Maire. We don't have her yet, but are hopeful that we are approved to bring her home sometime this week.  We are also hoping that she fits in with our flock.  We think it is time to add to our family and Ann Marie seems to fit … [Read more...]

2012 Aspirations – Happy New Year!

The start of a new year always fills me with hope and a renewed sense of passion about the people and things that I love. As you might gather, finding balance is one of my passions. This year my "resolutions" or as I prefer to think of them, my aspirations, are all related to finding that balance. I have a friend that had the idea that putting your aspirations (or whatever you choose to call them) out there for anyone to see will help make you accountable and thus help you reach what you … [Read more...]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and By Wonderful I Mean Crazy

The holiday season is in full swing and at times I feel like I am spinning out of control. How to get it all done and still enjoy the doing of it? Over the years I have instituted and imposed several "traditions" upon myself and sometimes upon others. I love them all but between the baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, crafting, cooking, traveling and merry-making, I sometimes find myself so busy and tired that I am unable to enjoy what the holidays should really be about-quality time with … [Read more...]

Happy 12th Birthday Elise!

Today is my niece Elise's 12th birthday. I am not sure where the years have gone. I distinctly remember playing with her just yesterday and she was a baby. I was laying on my back holding her with my arms straight out and she, with her legs and arms stick straight, giggled as we played airplane. She is now a young woman with her own sense of style, fashion and humor. She is serious and silly all at the same time. She is thoughtful, kind and concerned about how other people feel. She is quickly … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Gratitude Break

It has been a while since I have written about gratitude and I have a lot to be grateful for. September was a very difficult month. My Father-in-law passed away suddenly on September 3rd and "Uncle" Chuck followed on September 11th. What I am most grateful for during this difficult time is my support system. My family, friends and co-workers have been extraordinarily supportive and patient as I have dealt with my own grief and have done what I can to support my husband and his family. It has … [Read more...]

The Man I Called “Sir”

". Dad, Papa, Grandpa, Dr. Morse, Jim...James Orrin Morse was all of these, but to me he was "Sir". It is what I called my father-in-law for 20 years. I asked Tom, my future husband at the time, how I should address his father. He told me that everyone called him "Sir". I didn't know at the time that this was a family joke dating back to when Tom's sister was young and, being sassy, took to responding to his as Sir instead of Dad. It always worked well for us to have me refer to him as Sir. … [Read more...]

Back to School

School starts tomorrow for my nieces Elise and Noelle.  They live nearby so I am able to seem them more often than I see my other nieces and nephew.  I have a lot of fun spending time with them, spoiling them and then giving them back to my sister to deal with.  That is the joy of being an aunt. Noelle will be in 4th grade and Elise will be starting Junior High School.  This is a big and exciting step for both of them.  Noelle will be an "upper grader" and Elise is going to a new … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Gratitude Break

It is time again for a mid-week gratitude break. This has been a crazy and stressful week for me so I am grateful to have this time to detach from all that is going on and reflect on the good things in my life. This week it took no time at all to come up with what I am currently grateful for.  I am thankful for my husband, Tom. He has been away this week helping his parents out and it has made me realize how much I enjoy having him around, how symbiotic our relationship is and how much our … [Read more...]

A Few Words About a Special Person

This week I received some distressing news.  Uncle Chuck has stage four colon cancer. Chuck is not my uncle really.  He is my uncle's brother.  Chuck is developmentally disabled as a result of scarlet fever when he was very young.  Chuck is now over 70 years old.  I have known him my entire life.  He is what I would consider "high functioning".  While I don't know his official diagnosis, my professional opinion is that he functions in the moderate retardation range. Chuck has always  seemed … [Read more...]