BeFit Go 20 Minute Total Body Toning

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It is time for another BeFit Go workout release!  This one is  20 Minute Total Body Toning.  Just in time for the start of swimsuit season – better get busy!

Swim suit These workouts fit in  perfectly with my personal 30 day challenge for June.  I am challenging myself to be active for at least 15 minutes a day, every day during the month of June.  These workouts will serve as a tool that I can use in my effort to get my activity in every day.  I like to mix things up sometimes and with a new workout released each week, I am sure to stay interested.  I hope you find that they keep you interested and active too!

BeFit Go has something else they will be kicking off soon – BeFit GO Summer Shape-Up Challenge.  This challenge is yet to be announced to the general public, but because I am a BeFit Champ, I am able to offer my readers a first look at the program!

The BeFit GO Summer Shape-Up Challenge is a four-week program that will take your body through a total transformation, just in time for summer!  I did mention we are going into swimsuit season – right?  Here is how it works – it starts with short 10-20 minute workouts and gradually builds up.  The program is designed to help you build strength and stamina so that you are eventually able to tackle the 40-minute workouts.  They appear in the final week of the challenge.  You can check out the schedule here – BeFit GO Summer Shape Up Challenge Schedule.

The workouts call for some equipment such as hand weights and a kettle ball.  If you don’t have the weights or kettle ball you can fill a 1 liter plastic bottle with sand which will amount to about 3 pounds.  You will be recycling a bottle and you will have what you need to get active with BeFit Go!

We can totally do this!

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