Be Extraordinary – I Dare You



Today, Passion or Palm Sunday, is the start of holy week for the Christian world.  During this week, Christians remember the final days of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is the most holy time of the year for Christians around the world and culminates with Easer Sunday when Christian’s celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead.

Whether you are Christian or not, I am sure you know who Jesus is. He has been called many things throughout the ages-Savior: Redeemer; Prince of Peace; Son of God; Messiah; Visionary; Most Holy One; Emmanuel;  King of Kings; Light of the World; Lamb of God; and Prophet to name a few. Most accounts of his life indicate that he lived only 33 years and his ministry on earth may have lasted only 3 years. By today’s standards, he did not travel very far from the place he was born during his lifetime, but he is known all over the world some 2000 years after his death.

He was a simple man from a simple family who came from a simple town, but he was anything but simple. He was ahead of his time – a visionary. He was devout and  passionate about what he believed in.  He was kind and giving, but could also have an edge. He was a master communicator and story teller. He was extraordinary and different. For this he was targeted by those who felt threatened by him and who did not understand him. He was killed by these people. This has happened to other extraordinary people throughout history.

Whether or not you believe that Jesus is the savior of the world, you likely acknowledge that he existed and that he dedicated his life to doing good in the world.  That a simple man, from a simple family, who came from a simple town and led a simple and short life is remembered for that life over 2000 years after his death is nothing less than extraordinary.

I do not expect that in 2000 years anyone will remember that I existed (unless my blog is still out in the ether somewhere of course), but I plan to continue to strive to be extraordinary just the same.  Not everyone can rise to the level of Jesus or other great historical leaders, but everyone can strive to be extraordinary and to make a difference.  How will you use your life and talents to be extraordinary?


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