Back to School

School starts tomorrow for my nieces Elise and Noelle.  They live nearby so I am able to seem them more often than I see my other nieces and nephew.  I have a lot of fun spending time with them, spoiling them and then giving them back to my sister to deal with.  That is the joy of being an aunt.

Noelle will be in 4th grade and Elise will be starting Junior High School.  This is a big and exciting step for both of them.  Noelle will be an “upper grader” and Elise is going to a new school.

Noelle is very excited to start school. She is very outgoing, makes friends easily and is not yet very concerned about what other people think of her.  She can take control of a room the minutes she walks into it.  She is confident, self-assured, energetic and athletic.

Elise is a little apprehensive about starting Junior High.  She tends to be quieter and a little less outgoing than her sister.  She can be very silly and goofy at times, but it takes her some time to warm up.  She is at the age where appearances and what everyone else thinks about you is very important – or at least that is what you think.  Unfortunately she has already had run ins with “mean girls” and part of her apprehension is that this will follow her into Junior High.  She is quiet in unfamiliar situations and  sizes things up before jumping in.  She is introspective, creative and curious.

They are no longer little kids and are speeding toward adulthood at a pace that I am not comfortable with.  It seems like  yesterday that they were toddlers and everything was shiny, new, fun and innocent.  Now they are older and each day they have to deal with “reality” a little bit more.

I know that they can’t stay young forever, but I hope these two sweet girls will be able to hold on to  youth for as long as they can.  I hope that as they get older they continue to play, create and laugh everyday no matter what age they are.  I hope that the world treats them with kindness and when they are faced with difficulty, they are able to face it head on, learn from the situation and remain the wonderful, positive beings that they are now.  I hope that cynicism and bitterness are never part of who they are.

I am proud to be their Aunt Terri and I will always do my best to support them no matter where life leads them.



  1. oh my gosh they are adorable!!!!