Avon Walk For Breast Cancer – Charlotte (Part One – Getting There)


IMG_4318 Last month I participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was my first trip to North Carolina and my third time walking an AWBC event. I was lucky enough to have made the trip with two great friends – Jessica and Kristina. Jessica and I started our relationship with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer over 10 years ago when we walked the last of the 3 day Avon events.  In 2010 Kristina, Jessica, Danielle (Jessica’s sister)and I walk the Avon Walk in San Francisco . This year Danielle was busy growing a baby girl so it was just the three of us. We chose  the “Golden State Girls” as our team name, even though Kristina is a Texan at heart.

We decided it was time to walk another AWBC event about a year ago. We on Charlotte for the walk – the last event of 2013. We thought it would give us PLENTY of time to raise at least $1800 each and thoroughly train to walk 39.3 miles in 2 days.

We all met (and exceeded by a bit) our fund-raising goal but, it took me to the last-minute to get to (and exceed) $1800. The training didn’t work out the way we had planned – life simply did not allow for any team training walks and none of us were able to train the way we should have.  We were all  determined to complete the full 39.3 miles, but I think we all wondered if we would be able to and if we did, if we would be incapacitated for a month after.

Each of us took on a part of the planning for the trip. Kristina made the hotel reservation (we decided not to camp); Jessica arranged for a logo (thank you Anna for designing it) and made the shirts; and I made the plane reservation.  We made a plan and met at the airport on October 24, 2013 and were to arrive in Charlotte at around 9:00 PM.

On the way to the airport I got a text from the airline that our flight leaving DFW was delayed.  The flight to Texas left on time and was pretty uneventful.  I checked my phone once we landed and had a message informing me that our flight from Dallas Fortworth to Charlotte was now delayed for two hours.  We now had three hours to burn in Texas.  Kristina called her Mom who works near DFW and she came and picked us up.

We had a tasty TexMex dinner  with Kristina’s mom and got back to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight. The time delay was updated every 15 minutes or so and after the third or fourth update,  I started to wonder if we were going to get to Charlotte at all  While waiting to board the plane, we checked  email, read magazines, charged phones, played Candy Crush and I threw an entire large cup of iced tea on the floor (missed the trash can entirely), all the while feeling more crabby and tired by the minute.  It was a very long day.

We made it to Charlotte sometime around mid-night.  We got a cab to the hotel.   The cab driver had very little useful information about the city of Charlotte .  He told us that Charlotte is known as the “Queen City” and one of the fountains in the city had pink water in honor of breast cancer awareness month (what we were really looking for was a tip on where and what to eat while in the city – the important stuff!).  By the time we got checked in it was well after 1:00 AM.  I was soooo glad that I had not made us reservations for a tour the next morning!


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