Atlanta at Sunset
I attend the America Music Therapy Association Annual conference each year. When it is someplace we have never been before, Tom comes with me and we check out the area. This year we are in Atlanta, Georgia. We have never been to Georgia before so Tom and I flew in yesterday (Saturday). My conference obligations don’t start until Wednesday.

As has been our tradition, we searched for a sporting event to attend in the city.  The Falcons happened to be playing the Saints at the Georgia Dome today so football it was.

I noticed while people watching at the game that people from New Orleans are boisterous and flashy while people from Atlanta are more quiet and genteel.  I was  amazed out how some people were dressed for the game. The clothing choices ranged from the typical football jerseys and jeans to gold spandex pants and boas to  dressy attire with heels. Very interesting – kind of like going to the opera in Southern California.

The game was dedicated to those how had served in the armed forces and the half time show was specifically dedicated to World War II veterans. About 20 veterans from WW II were down on the field during half time, most of them in wheelchairs or walking with walkers, but looking proud adn dignified all the same.  It was an honor to be a part of the half time “card stunt” paying tribute to these great men and women.

The game was good and the people watching was better. We walked back to our hotel after the game in order to get the “lay of the land”. The trees in Atlanta are in full fall color. It was beautiful to see nature mixed in with the high rise buildings of the city.

We ventured out for dinner and in our usual state of confusion we were wandering aimlessly  looking for a place to eat.  A homeless Viet Nam veteran named Moses recognized our confusion and helped us find our way to Gladys Knight and Ron Winans’ Chicken and Waffles.  He told us his name so we would would never forget we met him in Atlanta and I guess I probably never will.  He told us of his challenge of being homeless for the last five months, but his hopefulness that things would soon be better since he has an appointment to re-enroll for veteran’s benefits next month.

We had to wait about an hour for a table at the restaurant, but I can say my first chicken and waffles experience was worth wait.

So far I am really enjoying Atlanta. Tomorrow I think we will check out the aquarium and the World of Coke. We know where they are now!


  1. Atlanta outdoors looks beautiful..and so does the Chicken and Waffles!!! MMMM!!!