About Me

I am a forty something “girl” born and raised in Southern California. I am married and have no children.  I attended CSULB and have a degree in music and a certificate in music therapy.  I am a board certified Music Therapist.  I have played the saxophone for over 30 years. I am currently a Program Director at a residential facility for people with Developmental Disabilities.  

I believe that it is important to live a good and well balanced life, but sometimes that is harder than it sounds.  I am a long time member of Weight Watchers and have gained and lost and gained the same 40 pounds about 100 times (I exaggerate sometimes).  I have been practicing Yoga for about 3 years. I am not crazy about the morning – I am kind of a night person, but that whole work thing gets in the way of that. 

I love to cook and love to eat (hence my long term relationship with Weight Watchers).  I like to do crafts and have more crafting “stuff” than I can likely use in a lifetime.  I can shop just about anywhere.  I have walked 9 marathons and countless half marathons. I intend to walk at least 10 full marathons before I am through.  I almost always wear sunglasses when I am outdoors, even if it is cloudy. 

I get crabby and opinionated sometimes.  I think I am funny, but some people just don’t get me.  I have green eyes and they are my favorite feature.   I am a tangental thinker and tend to ramble sometimes.  That should do for now…..