30 Day Challenge


Yesterday was the last day of my 30 day yoga challenge. July has 31 days and I hoped to do yoga at least 30 of those days. I was able to do yoga 29 days and I think that is pretty good considering all that was going on in July.

I enjoyed my daily yoga very much. 28 of the 29 practices were done at home with the help of yogaglo.com. One was done in Millennium Park in Chicago as part of an event sponsored by Yazzo and Equinox fitness. It was a damp morning and the mats were wet, but I enjoyed doing yoga, in a park, in Chicago with a few hundred women most of whom I had never met before. It was an experience I will remember for a long time.

With July now past, I start a new challenge today. My challenge for August will be to perform random acts of kindness every day. This should be easy enough-right? We will see.

My last two challenges have left a lasting impression in me. I intend to continue to be purposefully active and practice yoga daily. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I may count my yoga as my purposeful activity – let’s not get over zealous!).

Life can be a busy, crazy making ordeal. I am hoping my recent challenges will help me negotiate the journey with my sanity. Perhaps my challenge for August will bring a little light into someone else’s life. Hopefully …

Find Your Om Balance – Terri