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I am 22 days into my daily yoga challenge and so far I have not missed a day! All of my practices have been selected from the YogaGlo website. I have not stepped foot in a yoga studio for a month! I have not felt as if it would be a good idea to go into a hot, moist studio to practice yoga and unfortunately the studio I belong to has no other viable choices for me. Even the Ashtunga classes I love are “lightly heated” which in the summer can mean it is upwards of 88 degrees in the room.

I have struggled with a summer cold since early in July. I also found out, quite by accident, that my blood pressure and heart rate are elevated. In trying to figure out possible causes, other than stress associated with work, the doctor did some lab work. My TSH level was elevated. Since I have no thyroid gland, regulating TSH can be tricky. I am now on an increased dose of medication to deal with the TSH issue AND blood pressure medication.

The good news in all of this is that it may explain some of the symptoms I was experiencing that I had attributed to stress and being sick. I had been feeling a little depressed, anxious, and emotionally sensitive. I had also been experiencing bouts of hot and cold body temperature fluctuations. Another thing I was struggling with was loosing weight. All of these things I attributed to other life “issues” but all can can be a result of the TSH issues.

I am under a great deal of stress at work right now and stress can contribute to high blood pressure, and according to my doctor indicated, the TSH issue as well. It is all interconnected. I believe that my daily yoga has helped with the stress issue. Things may have been even worse had I not committed to taking time out, even just 15 minutes, to practice yoga.

Most all of the practices I have done have been in the evening. YogaGlo allows me to sort classes by duration and then by specific use. I put in the amount of time I have to spend and usually select stress reduction or evening practice as my specific purpose. I have done restorative, Anusara and Hatha practices. The longest practice I have done is 45 minutes and shortest, 15 minutes. I have enjoyed all of the practices and, all but one, I would definitely use again.

I enjoy practicing in my living room with a view of the ocean and the sweet summer ocean breeze coming in through the windows. I love trying the various styles of yoga taught by various instructors that are available to me with my YogaGlo membership. I will likely go back to a studio once my blood pressure/thyroid issues are worked out, but for now I will continue to practice daily in my living room.

Wednesday I leave for BlogHer13 which will further challenge my commitment to my 30 day challenge.  I will let you know how it goes!

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