30 Day Challenge – Move More!


I took a break from doing 30 day challenges during the holidays. I probably should have taken the break a month or two before I did – my last two challenges were a bit half hearted. I took January to reset – It’s a new year and I have new resolve. It’s time to get back to 30 day challenges.

For me 30 day challenges are, in large part, about trying new things and forming new habits.  This month’s challenge isn’t so much about trying something new, but getting back to something and maybe approaching it in a new way.

Last year was difficult. Work was extremely stressful and I developed some ridiculous stress related health issues, including high blood pressure.  I put off dealing with several nagging issues due to the time demands of my job, fatigue and, if I am to be completely honest, I may have been a little depressed. Not exactly the best plan ever. I have made it a goal to get healthy in 2014.

My long term goal is to get back to my goal weight, get off blood pressure medication and keep the bitchy to a minimum.  This will involve several things, including losing about 25 pounds.

During the month of January, I focused on getting in 10,000 steps most days and a week or so ago began to focus on eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fat free dairy and whole grains – less processed foods.  I lost over 4 pounds last week, but I know that if I am to lose the rest of those  25 pounds I will need to be more active than I currently am.

My 30 day challenge for February is to move more. More specifically, in addition to my 10,000 steps a day, I intend to add strength training and yoga.  I have arranged to work with my personal trainer once a week, will do strength training on my own once or twice a week and will do yoga (either at the studio or with Yogaglo) twice a week. I have created a schedule that I am hoping will help me stay on track. This is not the first time I have challenged myself to move more.  It might not be the last. Wish me luck.

Find Your Om Balance – Terri