30 Day Challenge – 30 Notes in 30 Days


Last months 30 day challenge was random acts of kindness.  I am not sure if it was a success or a failure.  I am sure that I over thought it.  I was more cognizant of the way I responded to people and situations, but  the random part left me weighing the responses.  I kept  wondering if what I had done was a random act of kindness or if it was just something that I would normally have done (I hope that I am a kind person all of the time, not just randomly).  If it was something I normally would have done, then did it count?  See – over thinking it.

At this time in my life, I need something concrete that I can not possibly over think for my 30 day challenges.  I had a bit of a hard time deciding what to do, but I finally decided that for the month of September I will be writing 30 notes in 30 days.  Not emails or texts, but good old-fashioned, put a stamp on it, hand written notes.  Some of them will be longer than others (probably more like letters-damn – over thinking already!), but all will be hand written.

When I was growing up my mother instilled in me the importance of writing notes, mostly in the form of thank you notes, but other notes as well.  Maybe because of that, I think that handwritten notes are  more personal, somehow, than email or a text messages.  I still get excited when I get a card or a letter in the mail.  Not that I don’t appreciate an email or a text, but when someone puts pen to paper it just seems a little more special to me.  Maybe is because I get a ton of emails every day, but I hardly ever get personal cards or letters in the mail anymore.  It seems that hand written notes are a bit of a dying art.

Call me sentimental but, I still have cards that my grandmother  sent me long before she passed away and cards that my husband gave me when our love was new and fresh (not that it is old and moldy now).  I can’t say the same for email.   It is somehow so much easier for me to press the delete button than to throw a hand written card in the trash .  I don’t expect that the people who gat a card from me keep it forever (not everyone is a sappy as I am), but if one of my cards makes someone smile over the next 30 days, that will be enough for me.

So off I got to write my first note.  Check your mailbox – it might be to you.

Be sure to check out my friend Anna’s latest 30 day challenge.  She is my inspiration for taking on these 30 day challenges.  Be inspired here!

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