2012 Aspirations – Happy New Year!

The start of a new year always fills me with hope and a renewed sense of passion about the people and things that I love. As you might gather, finding balance is one of my passions.

This year my “resolutions” or as I prefer to think of them, my aspirations, are all related to finding that balance.

I have a friend that had the idea that putting your aspirations (or whatever you choose to call them) out there for anyone to see will help make you accountable and thus help you reach what you aspire to. I am going to give it a try. Perhaps I will periodically post about how things are going in terms of my aspirations.

Here is what I aspire to in 2012.

1. Lose at least 20 pounds
(Ideally by the end of May when I have vacation to Kauai scheduled)

2. Eat at home more and out less
(Meals will be healthy, well-balanced and recipes worth sharing)

3. Practice yoga at least twice a week
(Ashtunga yoga is both a physical and mental challenge for me)

4. Walk at least twice a week
(Walking clears my mind and gets the endorphins going)

5. Work out with my trainer at least once a week
(My trainer pushes me harder than I will push myself)

6. Get my creative groove on at least 5 times a week
(Being creative brings me back to who I am and makes me a happier person)

7. Go to church weekly
(I find comfort in the ritual of the Catholic Mass and peace in the message)

8. Have a “date” with my husband at least twice a month
(Our relationship deserves this)

9. Spend quality time with my family at least twice a month
(I will be fully present, not distracted or stressed)

10. Spend quality time with friends at least once a month
(See above)

11. Accept that I can’t make everyone happy all of the time
(I will say “no” gently and without guilt when I need to)

12. Increase my online presence
(I will comment on blogs and reach out through social media)

13. Continue to develop my craft business on Etsy
(Post new items, learn to promote the site, make a sale)

14. Laugh more and help others do the same
(Look for the joy in everyday things and share my findings with others)

I think that I will leave it at this in an effort to dial back my tendency to over achieve, but reserve the right to add things as needed. I think this is enough to get me started.

Does it surprise anyone that balance is my area of greatest challenge when doing yoga? My strength and flexibility are so much better than my balance. Ironic isn’t it?

Happy New Year – Cheers!


  1. I think these look awesome. Very balanced. 🙂